Flyder== Flyders are 6 legged winged beasts a weird combo.Flyders are very rare In the Wasteland as they stay underground In the dark.Flyders are deadly Beasts they attack what ever they seen as soon as they see It.Flyders stay In Darkton Away from every thing.Flyder have Flyder Vemon in them which is very rare and can be sold at a very high Price.But the olny place Flyders can be found/known to be Is Darkton which is very Dangerous Because the whole of Darkton is over run by Flyders.

Flyders are very deadly beasts with thire huge Flytrip Mounts and thire deadly Speed. With thire 6 legs and wings making them very fast they use thire wings to push off and charge at great Speed. Flyders hunt in groups or solo as they attack as soon as they see any thing.

But with thire rapid Grow and baby production they are expanding rapidly. And soon thire will be 1000's of them and thire overflow Darkton and will have to find a new home.meaning if they can't find a cave or an open area they will probably attack the nearist open space/town,area near to them and with thire great numbers could end up wiping out a whole Race of Beasts and Expanding becoming more powerful in strength and numbers.

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